Navigating Life

Navigating through this life can be hard.

And confusing.

And frustrating.

And all the other things!

I have found great comfort in gaining knowledge of those who have gone before me, younger and older!  And, what’s fascinating to me, is that all these great minds typically have a common thread of ideas and truths that run through what they are passionate about.

This is what I have found to be exciting and hopeful… they are ‘ordinary’ people like you and me who have found that they are capable of great things. What makes them rise and become the Greats we look up to is the fact that they do not give up and that they value who they are. They are aware that they were meant for more and, most of these amazing influencer’s, want you to know that you are meant for more too!

If you are willing to bet on yourself and dig deeper into finding out who you are and what makes you light up inside, you can tap into that same greatness too! There is a struggle though. Lies like to tell us that we aren’t smart enough, capable enough, brave enough. And plenty more ugly things that keep us from living abundantly. If you are fed up with the lies like I have been in the past I want you to join me in the adventure for more!

More living.

More being.

More doing the things you feel created to do!