House On The Rock started as a way to help other women that have had the same struggles I have. Struggles with lies that have held me back from being who I truly want to be. I write about these lies and how I get on my firm foundation of truth. Even after getting knocked down again. Because the truth is, you must always be aware of sneaky lies. It’s a battle to stay on that foundation of truth because lies love to knock us down when we are weakest. But we can do it. We are capable to rise above the lies. I believe we have a someone looking out for us. THE Someone. A Savior for each of us. Jesus. He is the truth that knocks all lies on their faces. But it doesn’t end there. There is so much more than a battle of unbelief’s. There is an abundant life for us to chase after!

So how do you move forward with an abundant, purposeful life? A life that makes you want to jump out of bed ready to punch the day in the face?! Or give it a hug… That’s probably the nicer way to put it. A giant bear hug. Raising my own hand to yet another struggle. How do you move in the right direction with clarity and confidence?

I love to inspire others to go after what they truly love. Nothing is more exciting than having the freedom to be the person you feel called to be. A sense of purpose and being able to achieve that purpose is key to direction and clarity. Having resources to help get you to the next steps has been a game changer for me. There are so many valuable tools and people that have gone before to help us navigate our paths. Having a foundation of truth is secure footing in all areas of life. Being able to see a lie for what it is and moving forward despite the “what ifs”. I believe we are all capable of living our best lives! So, let’s do it, let’s navigate this life together and hopefully we can help each other up along the way. As we hit bumps, or our GPS signals gets lost we can find our way back with truth and a road map. There is strength in numbers and the possibilities to what we can all accomplish are endless.